Apple not only prepares MacBooks ARM: in 2021 there will also be desktop Macs based on these processors according to Ming-Chi Kuo

Wait, it’s not just MacBook ARMs coming. It turns out that in 2021 Apple’s commitment to this architecture will be much more ambitious than we initially expected , and they will also introduce desktop Macs based on these processors.

This is what ming-Chi Kuo affirms in a report that details that generational leap will allow Apple to save between 40% and 60% of the cost of processors and, above all, to further differentiate itself from Windows-based PCs and laptops.

ARM disembarks in a big way

This transition to ARM-based processor-based equipment has long been under consideration. Apple has demonstrated on its mobiles and tablets how its processors have long been showing promising power . So promising that it could be used for laptops and even in the distant future for desktops.

Recently analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had indicated that the first MacBook ARMs would appear in 2021 , but in a new report it goes further and indicates that next year we will not only see laptops based on these processors, but also desktops .

The data is surprising considering that desktops are usually intended for users with broader needs when working with all kinds of content.

It was thought that the transition from Intel to ARM would be gradual and Apple would start with more modest MacBooks, but it seems that they are also preparing desktops that would have even more powerful ARM processors and prepared to propose valid alternatives to the current iMac that, by the way , they are the great forgotten of Apple’s hardware updates.

Among the additional data that Kuo threw was his point to the manufacturer of the USB ports and controllers of those future Macs. It will be a manufacturer called ASMedia Technology who will take care of them and implement the future USB4 ports – derived from Thunderbolt 3 – in 2022.