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‘Mario Kart Tour’, analysis: Nintendo combines all the worst of free to play in a game that doesn’t really invite you to pay
With a string of games already available, Nintendo is now a regular mobile release. Aiming more at its monetary success than in regard to criticism, the arrival of one of the most beloved franchises by its followers had to demonstrate whether it charges more to one side or the other. Fortunately for those... Read more
Darksiders: Genesis: here is the gameplay video dedicated to War
Airship Syndicate and THQ Nordic have just released a brand new Darksiders: Genesis trailer that focuses less on Strife to put the spotlight on the younger Knights – War. War and Ruin – his horse – can do a lot of damage and fight alongside his brother Strife in... Read more
Monster Hunter World – Iceborne DLC
We played Monster Hunter: World on PC when it was released last fall, but the Iceborne expansion lands first on consoles this time (as it arrives on our computers in January 2020), more specifically on PS4 and Xbox One. To unlock the new region, you must first reach the... Read more
Destiny 2: starting October 1st, move to Steam
Bungie has announced that, starting October 1st, the PC version of Destiny 2 will be transferred to Steam from In view of this change, the study has prepared a useful Q&A with some of the most frequently asked questions about this step, which you can read in detail... Read more
‘FIFA 20’, first impressions of the classic mode: in search of a 100% realistic football, EA has created more fun matches
The new Volta mode and the recurring FIFA Ultimate Team may be the two highlights of the saga for the next campaign, but in reality it is its skeleton, the germ and the evolution of the classic 11 vs. 11 of ‘FIFA 20’ , which ends up marking the success of the proposal. After several games and an... Read more
Super Nintendo games start arriving tomorrow at Nintendo Switch Online
The Nintendo Switch Online service levels up. If so far Nintendo was already offering a wide range of classics of its mythical NES in its subscription service, last night Nintendo announced on its Nintendo Direct that from now on you will also be able to play Super Nintendo classics... Read more
Xenoblade Chronicles is back in 2020 on Nintendo Switch
Among the most unexpected and welcome announcements by Nintendo fans in the last Direct aired tonight, there is certainly the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles on Nintendo Switch. Expected for next year in the Definitive Edition, the title landed for the first time in 2011 on Nintendo Wii, gathering a... Read more
13 videogames to laugh with to escape shots, micropayments and dramas
Placing a dying puppy so that tears begin to spurt, or a sudden rush of music and something appearing on the screen to jump off the couch is something anyone can get. Make you laugh , and with that I mean let out a laugh and not a shy... Read more
What’s it like to start playing ‘GTA V’ six years after its premiere
You enter Twitch, sure to run into something new, gaining relevance. And you see four popular streamers putting weird accents. One acts as a committed paramedic, driving urgently and quickly to save lives. Another is a decorated policeman who does not tolerate nonsense. The third is the elusive thief... Read more
The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Platform: Nintendo Switch. Release date: Not determined. It may seem like a joke, but no. So they have called the game, in the most explicit way possible, in the end it is what they are developing. After the overwhelming success of Breath of the Wild, no one in the... Read more