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PlayStation Classic, analysis: when nostalgia is a necessary condition but not enough to sell a product
The past month of September Sony gave the surprise and was united to the tendency initiated by Nintendo. Announced the PlayStation Classic , a mini console that was born with the aim of rescuing the joys that once brought the original PlayStation . We already had the opportunity to... Read more
I loved the lifelong Fallouts but now I have to get used to playing with people
I do not know who was more afraid of the first hours of ‘Fallout 76’ : if Bethesda, who has been trying for months to explain that it is a Fallout that fans will like no matter what MMO is, and in any case if we do not like... Read more
22.86 million Nintendo Switch have already been sold: more than the GameCube, but the annual targets seem unattainable
The singular Nintendo Switch is still a prodigious success for the Japanese giant of video games. In its latest financial results this company has indicated that in the last quarter it has sold 3.19 million units, which makes the total since its launch amount to 22.86 million Nintendo Switch... Read more
The Spanish FX Interactive gives a free game a week to make the quarantine more enjoyable: ‘Imperium 2’ is the first
There is much free or reduced content , board games and titles for consoles that we have at our entire disposal to kill boredom during these days of seclusion. It goes on for a long time, so any content that helps to cope with your stay at home is always welcome. Precisely for this reason we are... Read more
PS5 vs Xbox Series X: price will be the deciding factor in a battle of power, games and services
Comparisons are hateful, but they are also inevitable . Are more when you talk about the next generation of consoles and product as expected as PS5 Sony and the Xbox Series X from Microsoft . Both companies have already offered many details of these products, but there are also great unknowns that probably define the... Read more
DirectX 12 Ultimate opens ray tracing to all platforms and prepares us for a more photorealistic future
Today Microsoft has introduced DirectX 12 Ultimate , the new version of its famous set of APIs for video game developers, and in it there is a fundamental novelty: the clear commitment to ray tracing. Until now NVIDIA had been the great promoter of this technology, and in fact this manufacturer... Read more
Why SSD drives change everything on Xbox Series X and PS5: video game developers are excited
The appearance of the technical details of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X has made it clear that we have before us a generation of consoles with unusual power at the level of CPU and GPU , but that fact may be in the background before another that raises the true revolution. These are... Read more
The chaotic life of Atari after a bankruptcy that left them almost without video games
Some of the big names in the video game industry, such as Sony, Microsoft or Epic Games, have little or nothing to do with those who, during the first years, paved the way for a sector, ultimately a billionaire . A quick look at the 70s and 80s brings to mind names... Read more
A Minecraft server nationwide: Poland’s plan for young people to stay home during quarantine
Spain is not the only country in quarantine for the coronavirus . Three days ago, the Polish Prime Minister announced the “state of pandemic” in Poland and a mandatory 14-day forty (and a penalty of more than 6,000 euros for those who skip it). The quarantine is tough and can be boring, so in order to lend a hand... Read more
Sony slows down the download speed of games in Europe to help not saturate the network
Over the last few weeks we have seen the main streaming platforms cut the bitrate of their content to avoid saturating the network in Europe. Among them are Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Facebook, Instagram, Apple and Disney + , which has just been released today in Spain. The latest to join has not been a... Read more