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Why SSD drives change everything on Xbox Series X and PS5: video game developers are excited
The appearance of the technical details of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X has made it clear that we have before us a generation of consoles with unusual power at the level of CPU and GPU , but that fact may be in the background before another that raises the true revolution. These are... Read more
The United States is considering limiting the use of US chip-making equipment to companies that produce for Huawei, according to WSJ.
After renewing the Huawei veto exemption a few days ago , the Trump administration is planning a new trade restriction for China, as the Wall Street Journal exclusively reports . According to the media, this new measure would aim to “cut Chinese access to key semiconductor technology” by limiting the use of US chip-making equipment . As far... Read more
The Xiaomi Mi 10 5G and Mi 10 Pro 5G arrive in Spain: official price and availability of the new high-end Xiaomi
Xiaomi had summoned us today to present the new Mi 10 Series , its new family of high-end terminals. To be fair, they are not two new devices, while Xiaomi introduced them to the world a few weeks ago. What we have been able to know today is its official price in Europe and... Read more
Benchmarks betray Surface Go 2: successor to Microsoft’s lightweight and affordable tablet promises more power
The Surface family proposed a twist on tablets from the beginning by converting them into convertible devices into laptops. In July 2018 Microsoft introduced its most affordable variant of the concept, the Surface Go . That model was somewhat modest in performance, but now leaked benchmarks have discovered the product that aims to be... Read more
The chaotic life of Atari after a bankruptcy that left them almost without video games
Some of the big names in the video game industry, such as Sony, Microsoft or Epic Games, have little or nothing to do with those who, during the first years, paved the way for a sector, ultimately a billionaire . A quick look at the 70s and 80s brings to mind names... Read more
Three essential improvements to update your PC from 4 years ago for little money in 2020
Tempus fugit . Time flies, and in technology it does even more : that desktop PC that you bought yourself two, three or four years ago may now be beginning to hobble. What seemed like a great setup some time ago probably isn’t so much now, but luckily the rapid evolution of technology... Read more
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G: the latest in connectivity makes its way into the mid-range
Xiaomi has quoted us today to confirm the price and availability of its new flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro . But at the beginning of the event, they said that there would not be two mobiles, but three, and the company has not failed in its promise. Thus, the... Read more
MacBook Air (2020): goodbye to the butterfly keyboard for a more powerful computer but that now also competes with the new iPad Pro
It was rumored for months that Apple had something prepared in this regard, and although it has taken a little longer than expected here we have the new MacBook Air , which comes with important hardware improvements but above all with a change that defines a trend in Apple. It is the integration of... Read more
A Minecraft server nationwide: Poland’s plan for young people to stay home during quarantine
Spain is not the only country in quarantine for the coronavirus . Three days ago, the Polish Prime Minister announced the “state of pandemic” in Poland and a mandatory 14-day forty (and a penalty of more than 6,000 euros for those who skip it). The quarantine is tough and can be boring, so in order to lend a hand... Read more
Mac mini (2020): Apple renews its compact desktop computers with twice the storage
Along with the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro , Apple has also decided to renew its Mac mini . This time we have a minor update, where much of the characteristics of the previous generation are maintained. In this new generation of Apple Mac mini, the company has decided to upgrade its compact desktop computers... Read more